Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My chickens are thankful they're not turkeys!!

Kaylie's Orchid - it's blooming again and as beautiful as ever.
Living with this plant is truly a constant reminder to me to
appreciate every day I have with my family, both immediate
and extended.

Love you all.

This is for all you lepidopterists......this was a BIG moth that caught my eye early this past fall. I was making supper, and it floated past our side door just as it was getting dark . It was so "huge" and colorful for a moth that for a second I thought a butterfly had her days and nights mixed up. So I ran to get the camera, but alas, it was gone. Then, a few nights later, lo and behold, it was back. It settled down in these branches and actually stayed there for quite awhile. The pictures were taken at dusk, so the color isn't as vivid as it was in real life (using the flash just washed it out!). It was as bright yellow as a swallowtail butterfly and just as big, but it was a moth. So, I had a Girl of the Limberlost moment for awhile there!! Just call me "the Angel". LOL
So, if anyone knows what kind of moth this is, feel free to enlighten me!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Might as well get comfortable.

Like my hat?? It's cereal box couture.

You should see how fast I can type!