Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hmm, it's been awhile!!!

Okay, folks, I promise to add some new pictures soon!! I have a GREAT excuse though ......drumroll.............. we're expecting baby #2 the beginning of July!!! So, I've been lounging on the couch and, unfortunately for you all, updating this blog was way down on the list of absolutely essential things to get done before flopping down again. You know, John seems to like clean clothes and food, and the "I was blogging" excuse only works about once!! I, on the other hand, could have skipped both of those for the last couple of months - jkjk.

Got to go - Meliah has eaten half the tube of Chapstick while I type. {:-)


Tracy said...

We are all so very happy for you!

The girls heard from Grandma a few days ago while David and I were out, so when we got home, that was the first thing they each wanted to tell me...I heard it 4 times in a row with such excitement and jumping up and down!! I'm so glad they all love babies. :)

The other night we were together with both the Clayton Reeds and the Goffs, and the girls were delighted that they would have two babies to share instead of just one. :) I don't guess Ben here will lack for attention! I may have to sell tickets. Hey, that's not a bad idea...I could get a lot of mileage out of this!!!

I hope you're not feeling too poorly and the energy and appetite will return soon. Again, we are praising the Lord with you for your new little one! How exciting!!!

Much love,

MidniteScrapper said...

Congratulations, Chrissy! Hope you are feeling well. =]

Anonymous said...

Hey, congrats!! You are hilarious. I am praying that he/she comes on my birthday...hey, everyone else pretty much has a kid/cousin/relative on their birthday, so I figure it's my turn. ;-)
For that morning (all day) sickness...there is this special cream that you rub all over......;-) ;-)
Love ya,
Heather R

The Ballengers said...

Oh that's such happy news! Marissa is praying that we'll have another baby too....she's quite specific with gender and a name already! We'll see! Chase is becoming a real boy, and she wants a new tiny baby to carry around and cuddle.

Meliah is just adorable. She looks so much like John to me, and though I don't see her often, her spunky personality shines through her eyes.

Our Jessica looks somewhat like you and reminds us of you VERY OFTEN. I love it. She just turned 4, and so many times I see or hear her do something and it reminds me of when you and I shared a room when you were 4 yrs old, and I was 10. Being the youngest, you were a very coddled 4-yr-old. Notice I didn't say "spoiled"! HA! Of course not. Really you were a super sweet child. She even has your curls to match! If they keep getting any tighter, I'm going to have to consult Chrissie's Hair Management for ideas on taming it down. But for now it's containable! :)

Glad to hear you're "in the family way". My tip for staving off the morning/evening sickness is to ummmmm, sandwich 2 wheat Ritz crackers (no substitute) with a slab of mild cheddar (repeat umpteen times as soon as you get up in the am).....and then a bowl of ice cream at night. Well, not everyone would agree w/ that one, but as a Nymeyer, you can understand that it's quite a necessity, and I'll back you up on it.

Love you.
p.s. Tell Heather to forget it. Your baby will come on MY birthday! HA! :)

Elaine McD. said...

Congratulations, Chrissie...I'm sorry you are feeling queasy though...hope that passes quickly for you. Your post was cute -- yes, they do happen to like cooked food and clean clothing, and you are so wise to reserve your energy.
God bless you and the next little one too!

Simply Blessed said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Praying you will be feeling better soon! Beverly

April said...

Oh, I hope he has curly hair! (Personally, I like it for a guy.)
Anyway, CONGRATS, sister... meet
me at Coldstone and I'll tell you how I just knew you 'had a bun in the oven'! (Isn't that just the loveliest description of pregnancy?)

Mucho Love,
Your fav sister. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Chrissie...
Wow... congratulations!!! What wonderful news!!! Morning sickness is the pits, isn't it. i hope you feel better pretty soon.