Friday, May 11, 2012

Well, it's been two years...time to update!!

Love Richard Scarry books around here.

The Smile Child

It's very tiring working with play-doh!!

Big & Lil Sis


Heather NZ said...

You posted something!!! This calls for confetti!! Also, does it say something that at the grand old age of twenty I STILL like Richard Scarry?

Heather said...

So adorable! Erica looks just like the others' baby pictures! Kiss, kiss, those cheeks!

Heather said...

Grant looks like Meliah in the pictures from two years ago, especially in the picture of him sleeping on the table with the play-dough. ;-)

Reed Family said...

Happy Birthday Chrissie!

Heather said...

6 pictures every two years is plenty. That way by the time they are 20, we should have virtually no clue as to whom they are.